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Transform IT Operations with Real AI

November 18, 2020 by Christian Gilby

The surge of mobile and IoT devices has driven enterprises to expand their networks with additional elements to increase AP density and deploy new cloud services. The upgraded network, whether on-premises or in the cloud, is often able to deliver high-performance networking and improved services to users. But this also means the infrastructure is often more complex to manage. These legacy systems lack rich insights and automation, requiring a larger IT team with higher operating costs. As a result, enterprises have started to look at how they can leverage next-generation infrastructure that uses AI and Machine Learning (ML) to deliver a predictable and Self-Driving Network™. This network for the next generation has the potential to provide not only deep network and client insights, but also simplified troubleshooting and autonomous support.

Juniper Networks’ AI-Driven Enterprise is built on the vision of Mist AI to leverage ML technology, data science and automated operations to deliver a network that’s easy to manage and provides unparalleled user experiences. Mist AI’s journey began in 2016 and has since evolved to deliver great experiences from client to cloud, spanning the wireless, wired, WAN and security domains. The Marvis™ Virtual Network Assistant (VNA) sits at the heart of Mist AI to truly revolutionize network operations. Marvis’ Conversational Interface understands natural language to communicate, diagnose and remediate network issues – a truly unique differentiator in the industry. All of this enables Marvis to become an extension of the IT team, playing a critical role in the Self-Driving Network for a rapidly growing number of enterprises.

Today, we are accelerating our vision with the rich Mist AI platform and the following innovative new features that we will showcase during the industry’s first AI Field Day:

Marvis Android Client & Client Roaming

The Marvis Client SDK, which is now initially available for the Android platform, is a client application that provides detailed device properties and additional network visibility from the device perspective to complement the network’s view. It enables IT teams to view not only the device manufacturer, type and OS, but also the OS and firmware versions to more rapidly and accurately pinpoint device issues. With information from both the client and AP, the Marvis client can identify coverage holes due to power level asymmetries. Unlike other solutions, the Marvis Client SDK does not require overlay sensor hardware to be deployed by customers. Once an issue has been proactively identified, Marvis Actions can automatically fix the coverage issue through configuration changes or recommend actions for the IT team to take if the root cause is due to a third-party system.

Smartphones often switch between Wi-Fi and cellular networks throughout the course of a day. But what triggers the switch? Is it related to signal strength? The Android client shows you exactly how the roaming decision was made by the device –whether it is due to the AP signal strength or the band capacity. Now, you can finally see what the device sees!

Risk Profiling driven by Mist AI

Risk Profiling driven by Mist AI combines real-time actionable threat intelligence with AIOps for Juniper Wired, Wireless and WAN infrastructures. It further secures and connects an AI-driven network with:

  • Powerful Security Intelligence: Juniper ATP Cloud shares threat alerts with the Mist Cloud. This security intelligence (SecIntel) data includes threat score and ID of the infected client or device (IoT, too). The entire Juniper® Mist Cloud now behaves as a “firewall”, protecting against advanced and zero-day threats.

  • Threat Intelligence-based Actions: Mist Cloud can quarantine an infected device, de-authenticate it from the production network and place it into a triage network for remediation.

  • Geospatial Location of Infected Devices: Mist Cloud provides the live, real-time location of the infected device so that IT can pay a visit and resolve the issue.

These new Marvis and SecIntel enhancements, driven by Mist AI, further enhance Juniper’s Self-Driving Network capabilities with dynamic insights and intelligence-based actions, ensuring a reliable and secure AI-driven network architecture for the next decade. With Mist AI, enterprises can now quickly bring up a network without financial stress or needing to rapidly grow their IT team – Marvis will help them scale. Join us at AI Field Day to discover the power of Real AI with real results.

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